My Dad suggested keeping a photography diary to document the shoots I do, each one from my own perspective. I was explaining to him how surreal it can be at times – it is not something I ever imagined doing. The industry I am trying to float in is somewhat bizarre. It is far more complex than I probably understand at this point in time.

People say that pictures can speak a thousand words, but no-one really knows what went into it. What words were exchanged, what trials and tribulations there were to come to that final result. No-one really knows how you are personally connected to an image you have taken, and that you remember each shoot as if it happened yesterday. That’s a hell of a lot of names and people to remember, might I add.

My friends called me a photographer before I did myself. The word, and the description didn’t come naturally to me. It was as if , by saying it, I then became the same as everyone else who is a photographer, when I had not yet achieved anything. (Yes, I am aware that my confidence needs work.)

So here goes:

My name is Sophie Mayanne.
I am 22 years old.
I am a photographer. 

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