My first thought I wanted to write here is this;

“Nobody sees the world in quite the same way as I do” 

This is a thought that often occurs to me. Whether or it is true or not, I can never really know.

I met with the It’s Nice That team today, part of the mentorship scheme following the Graduate feature (Read here). 45 minutes had been set aside for the meeting. This concerned me initially. What could I possibly talk about for a solid 45 minutes? I often think I am not me in meetings. I am suddenly funny, witty, but always passionate. The passionate bit still rings true to me normally.

The meeting mostly consisted of a here and now. What I am doing, where I could possibly go in the next 12 months. If I am honest, I have no idea. It is a wide, gaping hole at the moment. A big, black void I am uncertain about. Apparently it’s normally having just graduated. I am not sure if that is true, as I have no perception of what the “norm” for a graduate is.

So here is the resulting points of the meeting;

  • My portfolio is hefty, and it is clear that I know my direction and style which is good for commissions.

The meeting seemed positive, and they are a really passionate team. Good people to be in contact with considering the unassured path ahead.





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