General Overview (July 2015)

The big music job is not wrapped yet. I sent images over on Friday, but I’m not sure if they have been downloaded yet by the client. I understand people get busy, and I am probably 1 of 1,000 jobs they are working on. For me it is the job that is my “life dependent” at the moment. It’s the biggest budget I’ve ever had to work with so far, and might be my key to finally purchasing a Macbook!.

Let me describe my laptop situation to you…

Around 10 keys are missing in total. Numerous letters no longer work. B,U,T,Y,J,W, and the spacebar are among these. Typing is now aided by a “Virtual Keyboard” on my desktop. Writing all manners of emails is now painstakingly slow. Although, it is amusing to some extent. It is probably something I will laugh about in the future, who knows.  (Added note: I am now sitting here writing on a Macbook, and the thought of how hard it used to be to type is amusing.)

I am sitting in a coffee shop waiting for Dasha. She has a meeting at a hairdressers. I was meant to be going to the meeting too, but they found a photographer who will do it for free.

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