Well today started off as a disaster. We thought Alex wasn’t going to turn up, as it was an hour and a half after call time. Turns out he had been stuck outside knocking for 45 minutes.

Alex was a character. From my experience, Australians usually have a good vibe around them. The shoot involved my usual antics – using whatever is around me to create something interesting. This included a traffic cone, a fountain and the usual lying on the floor pose (a favourite of mine). I needed today to get me back into the mood of shooting. I have 10 shoots over the next week, a few of them are quite a big deal to me. (Music shoots, Issue 9 of BBG, Glamcult and a possible music job with an art director I have been in touch with for a little while now.)

To view the full shoot wit Alex, click here.

I am shooting a girl called Corrie tomorrow up on Hampstead Heath, another “warm up” shoot for me. I’m a bit concerned long-term photography wise at the moment. I feel like a lot of my work is looking quite amateur, and I’m not sure how to push it out of that ratchet to create more consistent work. I think more time needs to be invested into the way I shoot. Perhaps I’ll get there, we’ll see.



I love the acrobatic positions photographer’s get into” – Alex Thorn (IMG)

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