Today’s shoot developed from the mysterious world of Instagram. I think that quite often I underestimate the power of social media as a marketing tool. Mark, a photographer from LA reached out to me as he is in London with his girlfriend Corrie.

We shot up on Hampstead Heath. It’s nice to shoot without any real purpose sometimes, as that is when you can get something completely unexpected. We rolled down hills, ran, pulled leaves out of the ground and scattered long grass in front of the lens. The result was quite a cinematic effect. I don’t know why but I can’t seem to take soft, pretty pictures. Everything seems to end up dramatic. Clouded skies, dark tones. I guess that’s what works for me.

Corrie and Mark are here for a few months – Mark will be coming along to a few of my shoots this coming week. I don’t often use assistants, but it’s nice when you have someone who really wants to be there.

Also.. how bizarre, but Redbull emailed me on Friday about featuring me on their website as a young “creative influencer”. I am not sure I am an influencer, but it sounds pretty cool.

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