The black/ blue biro trend isn’t intentional. (Note –  the format of the original journals are handwritten.)

I photographed Ben Hart today (I also know nothing about magic). He is quite an interesting, complex and passionate guy. His eyes light up as soon as he starts talking about magic – you become his audience. I am not sure if I did his personality or essence full justice, as some of the photos are slightly off-kilter. Sometimes I think I try to be everyone else in my photographs, and forget to make it simply between me and the person in front of the camera. Perhaps I am slightly intimidated when working, or perhaps I am too open. I show people the back of my camera, which sometimes gives them a reason to be cynical. I give them the stance to say if the photo is OK or not. It’s the same probably I always had as a child, it’s like I need to be told it’s OK, or to have approval.


To see the full feature with Ben Hart, click here.

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