Photographed the band Coasts today. You could tell they have been photographed many times before. When you say you are going to take a close up picture, they automatically go into a formation. It’s almost a little surreal. I threw two of the boys off by asking them to switch places. I thought it was an obvious choice to make, as you don’t normally have the tallest guys in the front. They were quite a serious bunch, it seems they have had quite a journey to get to where they are today. In some ways it was reassuring – they had low moments but still got to their goals eventually. It makes me hope that despite being painfully broke at the moment, there is a chance that it won’t be forever! Haha.

I found it quite hard to take a photo that wasn’t a typical “band photo”. Quite hard when you have a group of 5 “boys in a band”. Mark assisted me and bought his 24-105mm lens. I need one of these in my life, seriously.

To see the full shoot with Coasts, click here.

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