21. 08.2015

I failed already. I forgot to write about my shoot with Max Streetley yesterday. So much for an authentic documentation of what I’m shooting. Yesterday was a difficult shoot. The sun was really stark.

Gabriel Lindsay at AMCK is comfortable in his own skin. There was something quite harmonious, and right about the way he moved in front of the camera. Perhaps his life is different, his upbringing makes him feel more in-tune with himself. He was a bit of a rambler – one of those people who talks a lot, loses their train of thought, and then pulls 10 more trains of thought in.

I think there is a lot more too him than I was able to uncover today. More to his family like than perhaps meets the eye. I guess that’s what makes a photo really interesting – the unknown. They eyes have have a longer story/ larger story.

If he could have another life, he would be an arctic fisherman.


To see the full shoot with Gabriel Lindsay, click here.


I usually don’t let anyone up to my boys room, now there’s 3!” – Gabriel’s Mum.

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