Glamcult Day 1 : Bronte at Next Models

You’re not supposed to be doing that, the police are on their way” – Launderette owner.

If I had a camera, I’d be taking photos of her too” – Taxi Driver

It’s like you’ve had one of those Slush Puppies” – Stranger

Well.. today’s shoot was eventful. Bronte is one of those people who laughs, a lot. I have probably more laughing images than anything else. So today was a denim story. I am not a huge fan of denim, but we made it unconventional. We also made Bronte eat a thing that sort of looked like paint. The light was really flat.

The taxi rank let us use their waiting room as a place to shoot. Good job, as it looked like a studio, and it was pissing it down outside.  Dasha sent the fashion editor previews as we were shooting.

“Hey Dasha. Love the model/make-up/ looks so far. Photography of course a bit hard to tell, but trust Sophie is doing great”. 

To which I replied:

“Don’t worry, my angles are a little different to those. Thank god Dasha isn’t shooting today.”.

To see the full photo series for Glamcult, click here.


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