When I first arrived at the studio, I was a little concerned. It’s definitely not the biggest place I’ve worked in! I had to literally have my back against the wall to shoot full length, and sat on the floor. Jenny’s collections have grown a lot since we first started working together – although probably a little kitsch for me to wear myself!

We took a slightly different creative direction this time, with more movement, with the final idea being that two images are placed next to one another – so two juxtaposed images with the same pose, but different outfits and makeup, so it was almost like the idea of an “alter-ego”. We shot about 20 looks like this for the campaign. The idea is quite similar to a Sacai campaign, although I was not the creative director, so this part was out of my control.

The day was quite ambitious. We got to an hour before the end of the day, and still hadn’t shot any of the ecomm images – a whole 25 looks to shoot in 45 minutes – front, side and back.  I think that might be the fastest I have had to shoot. Maybe i’ll make a career out of ecommerce yet.. haha.


Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 14.30.06

To see the BySun collections, click here.

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