Meeting with Wonderland Magazine

I’m not really sure how this went. It was nice to meet the online editor, as we have spoken before via email. She was pleasant, and the meeting was quick and informal.

Quick and informal usually = not getting anywhere.

I had to give an overview of Boys by Girls and the features I’ve done whilst being there, as Wonderland is basically 50% music. They did seem impressed by what I had done so far though. I think I may have worded things wrong when I was talking about myself though. It was a bit too much of a “me, me, me, our, we do it this way.”

I was asked about photography too. I said I wasn’t sure about what my longevity was in terms of this. That I have had some great highlights so far, and been able to work with great clients, but that I enjoy working within a magazine as it is really part of a bigger picture, whereas photography is a bit more about yourself.  You can create a larger impact at a magazine.

They have had quite a few applications, and are due to be meeting a few different people, but they did ask me to send over 5 suggestions of new features for the Wonderland website that are a little different/ completely new as they want to take the brand in a new direction as they redevelop the website.




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