06.09.2015/ 07.09.2015


Back to London again.

Bank balance: £196.00.


07.09.2015: Editor’s Pick Shoot, Dazed Digital.

Today’s shoot was a bit crazy. The clothes were, quite frankly…. unique?

Here’s what we shot.

Roksander dress: Bright pink/ fuchsia dress. Floor length with a turquoise bow around the neck. Think sleeping beauty at the circus. 

Delphine Jewellery: Silver doubled up earrings. These weren’t that bad.

Saint Laurent: Saint Laurent shoes and trainers. Probably my favourite of the looks we had. 

Chanel “Shirt Bags”: Think something you’d see in Beyond Retro, and buy because you think it’s “kooky” vintage. 

Anoushka Jewellery: Think jewellery your Nan, Gran or a distant relative would buy you. It has bugs on it. The kind of jewellery they think you will love, and you’ll never wear. 

Tom Ford Blusher: Piled generously onto the cheeks, because everyone really wears blusher like that. 

Fendi Shoes:  Something Lady Gaga would probably wear?

And so forth..

Shooting with the intention of making GIFS is actually very different. You have to shoot 3 similar images, that you think are going to work flitting between one another.

I have no idea what these are actually going to look like!

We thought Elizabeth might cry at one point. She had been modelling for about 2 weeks, and we were pulling her hair so tight for the ponytail you could see her blinking quite hard for a moment.

I think this might be the biggest publication I’ve shot for so far?

To see the full shoot for Dazed, click here.



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