Editorial dropped from Notion Magazine.

Well it’s not been dropped. It’s been “pushed back” to the December issue, just no-one remembered to actually tell us!


“Hi ___ I’ve just been told by Kitty our shoot isn’t in the September issue, which we were expecting? 

Could you clarify to me if this is the case? It would have been great to have an indication of this beforehand, as a lot of work went into the shoot too, with a number of different agencies involved too”

(email header: sincere apologies)

“Guys, I am so sorry, this is completely my fault for a breakdown in communication, it was my responsibility to drop you a line last week when we were in our final day of design to say we had to free up some editorial pages to make way for an advertorial, and as your wonderful couples shoot was the last editorial we commissioned we planned to put it in our December issue. This of course I was then supposed to email to you and let you know and check it was OK. No excuses, my days ran away with me and I completely forgot. 

So I wanted to now ask, in the hope it’s not too late to ask if we may have the honour of having your shoot in our December issue, my thoughts were in fact to build something bigger around the shoot, as I felt couples would be a great editorial theme within the next issue, and I wanted to see if we could develop it into a great concept/ shoot. “

(so it’s not a great shoot, it needs work?)


Note: This shoot did end up unpublished, as we felt the new direction suggested for the next issue wasn’t quite right, and cut out so many great people from the shoot. It’s frustrating when this happens, but both myself and the stylist only want to put work out we 100% are behind & passionate in! Stylist is Kitty Cowell. 

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