So I almost royally fucked today up! I requested to book the studio during the week before, and requested it on a Saturday 4th, when the date was Saturday 3rd – meaning we were booked in for the 4th and not the 3rd. I was late too (I am virtually never late, it is something that really stresses me out) and I didn’t realise until  everyone was stuck outside and couldn’t get in! Luckily the situation was resolved and we were able to get into the studio.

I didn’t shoot as well as I maybe usually do. I feel like I’ve been off my game recently on some shoots. I was still ill today, so perhaps that had an affect, but I think that I need to start deciding what I really want from my photographs, and what my vision as a photographer is. Before I’ve learnt purely from shooting and shooting – but I think I need to incorporate more, study more, think more – and delve a little deeper into the history and practice of photography.


Note: I photographed 3 of my cats for the above editorial, all of which are a nightmare to get to stay still for more than a few minutes, and scarper as soon as they hear the shutter in the camera. 

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