I asked Mum and Dad if I could watch Jools Holland this evening, as an artist I’ve been asked to work with soon was performing live. (Note, I don’t need my parents permission to watch TV, but our main TV is downstairs in the living room, I’ve never bothered to get one in my bedroom). Asides from Tom Jones, she was the best on the show. Her voice was clear and soulful. Mum was saying it’s a big deal to be shooting someone and they’re on the show.

I don’t think of it like that though. I think if I did, I would become nervous. As it takes away the person in front of the camera being on the same level, or wavelength as me. The beginning of a shoot is always a bit awkward too, partially because I’m a bit socially awkward and shy. There’s like this invisible barrier you need to break down which is sometimes really hard to see.  


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