“Next time I shoot with you, I’m going to get drunk before so it’s easier. You know, with the movements, dancing and stuff.” – Herbie

I’ve shot with Herbie before, so he is used to the way I work – the hands, the movement and so forth.

“I’ve never seen anyone do the hands thing like you do.”

“I’m sure there are crazier people than you out there, I just haven’t met them yet.”

Shooting purely on polaroid to create an editorial is actually quite difficult. Firstly you have to think, and work around everything fitting in a square, when you are much more used to working with wider dimensions – and lighting is much harder to foretell – you assume, as there is a flash, you can be more flexible. Turns out you can’t, as some of the images came out really dark, and will need correcting in Photoshop. I think they actually come out more successfully when you have natural light at your dispense too. Herbie looked good on polaroid though. We managed to bring a boy bandish/ cool side to him, which really worked for the mood.

Alex Beck probably isn’t a boy I would instantaneously choose to shoot, but he was actually really good. I’m just not as keen on thinner lips and narrow jaw lines personally – but he does know his angles and photographs really well.


To see the full polaroid series with Herbie, click here.

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