Anna, who I met and photographed today has to move back to Moscow, Russia on the 19th October. She wore a t-shirt that said “banana” on it, as her friends over here call her Anna Banana. She said her friends in Russia won’t understand it, but she had to wear it.

She has been sofa surfing for the past three weeks, just trying to find a roof over her head. She is also a  photographer, but the stress has created a mental block.

Yusuke said he is shy, but honoured to be photographed by me. He’s so sweet, I love him. Sometimes I don’t know what he’s saying, but that’s OK! He may have to go back to Japan next year, and not do hair-styling anymore.



Anna Fruschainte, Russian (Photographed October 2015) I came to London to study. It has been a great opportunity, and has  given me the space to do what I like, and what I have always wanted to do. I’ve been able to meet creative minds from all over the world. London really gives you the ability to be open minded, and to express yourself in so many  different ways. I’ve been able to hang out with some great friends, and of course go for breakfast at a great cafe near my place (ah I  love those pancakes at the  Breakfast Club!). (When I shot Anna, she was wearing a t-shirt which had the word  gBananah on it – because her friends in London call her Anna-Banana. She was explaining what this meant to her, and how that – back in Russia –  no one would understand the t-shirt in the same way).


Yusuke Morioka/ Japanese (Photographed October 2015) Coming to London for me was about broadening my vision, learning English and gaining new experiences. I wanted to broaden my portfolio as a hairstylist, and to see the world. London and Japan are completely different. In society, the people and the minds. I’ve learnt a lot of things from all of them. It’s like still being a kid because you have this curiousity. This a vibe I hope I can continue to have.

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