Josefa is back for a year to study for her masters degree. She will have to go back to Chile afterwards. She’s been in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend, who lives here, for some time. We’ve worked together a few times, when she has visited before.

I don’t know if my photos entirely do these people justice, but I think the story is important. I might hold the project for a year, to allow it to grow and develop even further. At the moment I feel if I release it it will just be a statement about other refugee crises.


Josefa Inostroza/ Chilean (Photographed October 2015) I came to London to study Make up first, and now I’m here again to do an MA in Fashion history and culture London has been a place in which i’ve learnt. In all senses. I couldn’t be more grateful for this city as it’s been an important canal to get to know -mostly- myself and being in constant interaction with what I’m interested on. Just by going around the corner there is always something new to see and do. It’s been a massive input in my life of information and understanding things. I guess also the fact of just being far from home, anywhere, helps to put things in perspective about your own existence, but for me, London has made a lot of sense in my life.

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