This is probably mine and Dasha’s penultimate shoot before she goes back to Russia, which is kind of sad. But I’m sure we will create something beautiful.

(continued later that day)

Draining. Tiring work. Perfectionists. Indecisive.

Today’s band were more work than I expected them to be. Lovely boys, but very concerned with how they look and achieving a “perfect photo”. Well the lead singer cares a lot for getting a shot where the entire band look great. Almost nigh on impossible when you are shooting in direct sunlight, lol.

The lead singer turned up today and said “I wore black today as I thought all the pictures would be in black and white”. “I had a look at your website and there aren’t any colour photos”. “I couldn’t find any photos of bands”. I think her might actually just be a worrier.

The photos are probably actually some of the best I have taken of a band though. I’m actually quite confident n some of them being great colour images. I usually go for the safety option, which is black and white. I’m really trying to make colour work for me though. It’s challenging, but I’ll get there. I just need to learn how to work with the light differently to create a successful colour image, as I’m finding it’s quite different to how I would choose to shoot for an image in black and white. Fuck knows how people shoot in really hot countries – the sun can be difficult enough here.


To see the full photo series with Flyte, click here.

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