13.10.2015 Pt.3

Me and Dasha 

This is kind of continued from before, but now I am writing a good hour and a half later, so it feels like it should be sectioned off.

I’m going to miss her, big time. We have our ups and downs, sometimes we are completely foul towards one another. Our personalities and temperaments can be quite similar. We never actually get pissed off with one another in person, I think we probably talk too much online when we are not in each other’s pockets. For a while I think some people were under the honest impression that we were a couple. That came from me saying I would marry her for the sake of a VISA. I still would, but it’s one hell of a thing to pull off. I think her family would probably disown her. Sometimes I’ve wondered if we would be friends if we hadn’t met through working together. I don’t know that we would have, I think if we met at a party or something we probably would have taken an instant dislike to one another.

Dasha has told me she was scared of me when she first met me, and that she never thought we would be friends. Funny how things turn out. I hope it doesn’t fall apart just because we will be in different countries. I plan to visit. Hopefully early next year. Russia does sound like a bit of an adventure.


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