I enjoy working with artists, I feel like it’s more of a collaboration towards creating a great final image.

Cherie’s voice was calming. Soothing. She has this aura that really permeates a room and brings a still calmness. That sounds like the naffest thing I’ve ever said, but I’m not sure how else to describe it.

Her face photographs quite beautifully, and her eyes cut through my viewfinder. Sometimes I thought there was a sadness in them, but also an acceptance. Either way, they feel like they have a story behind them.

The shoot ran smoothly, asides from a few technical difficulties with tethering (and me slipping on the floor and landing flat on my ass). Everyone seemed happy, and I feel like I was much more confident having photographed press shots before for Rosie Lowe. Just felt like I had the voice to say that I knew what I was doing. I must admit I was a little apprehensive having not met her beforehand, as I can often be socially awkward at the beginning of a shoot. I also find having someone I know as an assistant really helps too. Amber for example, has a personality that really instantaneously breaks the ice. I think I am not as much of a conversation maker, which makes it more difficult.

There’s a really beautiful picture where she is jumping, but the way its been captured it looks as if she is falling through the whitespace within the photograph.


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