Sometimes, or more often I used to walk with my eyes open. Rabbits have 360 degree vision. Sometimes I feel like I’m so focused on my next step, I forget to look at everything to the side, and behind me. Londoners seem to be very much like this too.

Theo was found through a mutual friend on Facebook. He was refreshing. Refreshingly real, unknowingly awkward, and so willing to embrace creative vision. He is an illustrator, studying at Kingston University. He was easy to get along with. Easy conversation as opposed to the small talk you so often find. Perhaps this is because there is no barrier to begin with. There are no expectations, just a simple curiosity as to what the results could be. We shot in Markfield Park, Seven Sisters. I’m not usually one to advocate shooting in a park, as I’m usually quite adverse to the colour green. It’s one of those colours I can find distinctly off putting and over – powering. But I’m trying to change these pre-set convictions I have, as my work has altered somewhat. I am not so sure in what way. My camera is still the same, so I’ll assume it is a steady improvement of my skillset. It does frustrate me a little when people say “Oh, your camera takes really nice pictures” as if the quality of the camera is the one factor in creating an image. It reminds me of a diagram I saw someone post recently. (Note, the picture of the diagram is hand drawn into my journal, but is a triangle with a line through it, near the top. Above the line it says “What you See”, and below the line it says “What actually went into it”.)

I’d like to cast more stories with people who are not models. I feel like it’s more organic, fresher and exciting. It just feels more real in an industry that can be so farce.


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