Sundara Karma were more fun to work with in comparison to some of the other bands I’ve worked with recently. I think it’s perhaps because they are younger – and their ethos is built around having fun with what they are pursuing. They said that a lot of what they write about is related to escapism – something I can very much relate too. About escaping the monotony, and mundane hum-drum of a small dead end town life.

Tried to take a different edge with the images today – to stay away from the whole a – typical band promo images. We shot inside Dasha’s warehouse to begin with, attempting to go for more of a diary vibe. This actually proves quite difficult when you don’t have a previous rapport with someone and aren’t actually in an authentic situation. The images we were wanting to create, and really the kind of ones you can fake.

We started off sat on Dasha’s sofa. We then moved outside as I had an ingenious idea too capture the boys running and throwing water towards me. In all honesty, the images aren’t exactly how I expected but they are entirely comical. Hadyn, who is the smallest member of the band, literally looks like he is flying in some of the images. I am not entirely sure how, but the dynamics of it all literally bought a tear to mine and Dasha’s eyes when we went through the images after. This also then progressed to Dom hanging upside down on a goalpost and turning a frightful shade of red. The empty water bottle was then utilised as a football, creating some questionable, but ultimately humorous images. It was definitely different, which is what we desired to achieve. There are also images where all the boys have pots and pans on their heads, are swinging in a chair, and one where Dom’s head is partially replaced by a record cover. It definitely looks like he has a tendency to come out with the short end of the straw.

I also came across a beautiful ginger cat on my way back, who came close enough for me to take quite a close, sharp portrait. There was something about his eyes that were really striking, but also really trusting.

I am on my way back home again. Really hoping that my camera and other array of parcels have arrived!

To see the full shoot with Sundara Karma, click here.

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