27.10.2015 pt.2

Sophie couldn’t stop laughing. She hasn’t been photographed before, so keeping a straight face proved to be a testing challenge. I met Sophie at Dasha’s leaving party. I yelled at her across the table that I was going to take her portrait soon. Her personality is very amenable, she is easy to be around, and you quickly feel like you have known her for a long time. She has an accent that is Northern I believe. She is someone who carries it well though, sometimes accents can be grating.

I cried my eyes out to her about Dasha leaving, and the argument we ended up having today. She was great. Listened like she understood, nodded in the right places. But you knew it was sincere. She wasn’t judging. A non invasive listener.


One thought on “27.10.2015 pt.2

  1. Thanks for the like on my blog, I really appreciate it as i’m just starting out here. I really like your blog and the idea behind it, as well as your work. It’s truly beautiful!


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