Last day together. (For now).

I finally photographed Dasha for the visa project this morning, before we left. There was an element of awkwardness to it, but that’s ok. Dasha isn’t someone who is immediately comfortable in front of the camera, but there is a shot where she is looking away, and smiling, which feels like this small glimmer of hope, even though she feels like it’s just nothing that lies ahead. To a certain degree, I understand how she feels, but on a much smaller scale.

Sundara Karma’s management also reached out to me today, haven’t told Dasha yet, it was top on her list of things I’m not allowed to do without her, haha.

She was OK when I told her. Although I haven’t heard from the management since, so who knows if it is actually happening. I quoted them a price and haven’t heard back since.

Dasha is an impossible person to organise. She remembers the 110 things she needs to do only in the morning (Note.. I believe I was talking about her packing here). 



I forgot to write more about this day…

Maybe I didn’t finish it because it was about photographing her just before she left. It was slightly awkward, like I was forcing her into thinking about the inevitable. I don’t think the photos tell enough truths. Our friendship is more complex than a photographer. Her situation deeper than her gaze caught at 1/125.

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