Amber Run for Zero Magazine.

How the hell is it November already? This year has almost gone, and it makes you wonder what you’ve actually achieved!

Got my first ever AAA sticker today (access all areas). Captured the boys outside the front of Koko, and were quickly embargoed by some fans. I quickly became an iphone photographer alongside a journalist. The boys were in their pre-show slump by the time I had them to myself to photograph. Typical! Lol.

“You’ve wasted one of those on us!” – reaction to how much impossible film costs. Their in-house photographer trod on my toes a little. I had to actually ask him not to photograph when I was, so we don’t end up with exactly the same photographs. I always find it odd being backstage, I’m still not entirely comfortable with it, and almost feel like I don’t belong there.

Note to self: research band members names before photographing them.

I hope the photos of the boys are OK, as they didn’t feel particularly energised – but the backdrop and the city skyline was really beautiful. I had to use flash though – not my favourite thing!



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