Sleeping in the hostel wasn’t as bad as I had originally anticipated. I actually slept relatively well, and was able to go to bed at a reasonable time. The room I was in wasn’t entirely full and a mixed dorm. The front they put out for breakfast was a little disappointing though. I definitely spotted mould on a slice of bread… and the hot water wasn’t hot! So I was face to face with a cold brew this morning.

It’s strange because there was a lot of noise from outside, and then once it reached past a certain point, it was eerily quiet. No traffic, no voices.. nothing.

Today’s shoot was OK. It was hard work. The shots, aside from a few, probably aren’t really beneficial to my portfolio. They are quite stiff, uninspired and typical fashion types of shots, although I’m sure some images in black and white will work for my own usage. I don’t feel like I really connected with any of the models today, making it difficult to write about them.



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