“It’s nice getting to see what Ben does. It’s a different world to mine.”

Koen and Taylor aren’t boys I would normally shoot. They are Kitty’s friends, so she swayed that one. The editor asked for this shoot to be “Sexy, chavvy and fun”. I think all of those words are distinct opposites to what I usually do, but it bizarrely seemed to work.

Micky, ironically was the person I preferred, and the only non-model cast for the shoot. He learnt quickly though. I gave them both polaroids to take home as a reminder of the shoot. Characteristically the two sets of brothers were very different. Koen and Taylor – younger, laddish, gym obsessed. They took to sit ups and crunches prior to being photographed topless. They were humorous however, and had a sibling rivalry that was almost angelic. Ben and Micky were more tranquil, their relationship as brothers much more mature and thoughtful, but both still had a sense of humour. Closer than the other bothers probably, but also very different. Ben is a full time model, Micky a regional boxer who works creating and building medical machinery. He had booked today as holiday, and said it was a weird experience. Perhaps it is one he will remember. There was a sense of pride in Ben’s voice when he saw the pictures of Micky.


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