The view through my lens is not the same as my eyes, this frustrates me.

So today started off like any other shoot, and as we progressed further into the day it just got stranger and stranger. I absolutely adore Theo, he is someone I clicked with straight away, it is people like that who you really test your creative boundaries with. Marianthi was sent a women’s leotard by accident. When she mentioned this to me, something just clicked and we decided to dress Theo in just this and then a coat with nothing underneath. And yes you can see everything, but in a weird but comfortable way. It’s understated, but still enough to make a statement. The shoot is also quite asexual. Theo is wearing lipstick, and has these feminine qualities, yet is so obviously a boy at the same time. It is hard to remember a lot of what Theo said – because the conversation was natural and unassuming. I would like to shoot him again. I may speak to him about shooting him at home next. Unstyled, natural, stripped down and completely raw. He said he loves shooting with me because I am so easy going, it just feels natural. We spoke about our pets on the way home.


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