BBC Meeting.

I know this is a bigger deal than I think it is, but I can’t help not entirely trusting it, or feeling it’s entirely genuine. I’m concerned it’s purely in place for BBC3 to benefit from young creatives for free. You can’t help but think that in another context, you’d get paid for what you are doing. This is entirely “collaborative”. Apparently, in the creative industry, “collaborate” translates into “work for free”.

Not really sure – I hate small talk with people. You have to pretend that you actually give a shit about what they are saying when you are probably never actually going to see them again. The guy sat next to me was pretty intent on informing me of all his accolades so far. “I do this for Sky, this for Amazon, this for Getty Images.” When people like that ask me what I do, I just feel like shrugging my shoulders in response. You only want to know what I do for self-approval or assurance that your “achievements” are better than mine.


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