First BBC Brief “Legacy”.

Someone once told me that your legacy is as empty, or as full as you make it. But in a modern world where we hungrily swallow information, hound the latest “it thing” and compulsively click, tape and scroll, I want you to ask yourself one question. Is there any room in this world for legacy?

I just checked my notifications, did you?

I once sat in a dark room and reflected on life. Should I die, who would attend my funeral? Who’s lives have I impacted enough that they would take hours from their day to give me a sorrowful goodbye?

I wasn’t really in that coffee shop 12 hours ago.

I didn’t get past about 10 people. Why? Because I delete the old parts of my life. I obsessively click, tap, scroll and delete. No-one needs to see that, right? I delete the people that were once friends, because I no longer care for the 140 character snippets of their life they share. 5 years ago we shared a lunch table together. I slept on the floor of her house. A memory that only two people hold is not a legacy.

This ones got 12 likes, maybe I should delete it?

As years are passing, our lives live on backlit screens. With an age of deletion, and withering printed pages, will your name, scrawled across the back of a photograph at a young age be found in someone’s attic? It’s dusty coat swept aside, pages allowed to breathe again. Someone’s wide young eyes introduced to the real world. The world you lived in.

Where was that photo taken again, maybe we were in Barcelona?


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