(Feb 2016)

Whole two weeks in London, sorta!
Shot The Hunna band, Actor Sean Joseph Young, Teddy Girls for Notion Magazine, Documentary with Marcus Sivyer, 2 x LCS shoots and wrapping things up Boys by Girls (also bought a poetry book). Oh, and Muses shoot for BBG.

“I can give you the tools, but you have to fly by yourself”.

The Hunna band were particularly lively to shoot. Not as great as Sundara Karma, but still a lot of energy. We shot in and around the streets of Soho – using various backdrops- including shooting inside a barber’s shop. I’m not ballsy enough to go in and ask to use locations, but this band apparently are. Their manager reckons they are going to blow up “big” soon. Don’t all managers think that? It was slightly awkward too as they definitely all fancied Savannah. They even said about going to her bodybuilding competition to write a song about it. The pictures should do the bands energy justice. Music is where my work belongs at the moment.



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