Relatively lazy shoot. Not the prettiest trainers to photograph, and the shoots were “blogger” style, but that’s what I was commissioned to do! I guess there’s no harm in adding even more commercial shots to my portfolio. Palladium are a pretty big brand. It was quite similar to what we did before for Nike, expect that was Instagram threshold – this will go on Kitty’s blog, Unisex Mode.

I spoke to Marcus on the phone today too – I want to do more photoshoots together (entirely on film, if I can), and to also document them from his perspective in writing. We are planning to shoot once a month – shooting in his favourite places on the 27th. Other ideas I had were to shoot him at University, with his younger sister, grandparents – he just told me his grandfather is in a home – so we could photograph him there, and that his Nan lives in Dungeness. There was something about the images I shot of Marcus at his home. They felt fresh, and exciting. I feel like I simply need to capture the whole of him, and to have it two-sided will be fascinating. No barriers, just honesty.


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