26.02.2016 Pt. 2

Meeting with Blink Art Photography.

“We don’t have a gap for you, but keep us updated.”

“Your work is really striking.”

“You’ve achieved so much since graduating.”

Relatively helpful meeting. Really nice team. Met with a woman called Katy, and I forget the other woman’s name. They suggested continuing to shoot new, unusual faces, that my casting is really strong – but they might be too close to being an advertising agency for me, and gave me some other agencies I would be great for. They also suggested reaching out to “higher” up photographers for assisting to expand my knowledge of lighting. They also suggested my daily rate should be 1,000 per day – which is great to know, as I haven’t been pitching myself that high for commercial jobs. So the meeting was good, but it was one of those ones that you know they’re not going to sign you before you go in.

They, also, same as East Photographic suggested I start experimenting with moving image as not many jobs come in nowadays that are print only – yet how often do you hear people asking someone who specialises in video if they can shoot a fashion editorial? For me they are entirely separate skills. 6bd75dcd50a766fdfe67bf1ae03573c2.jpg

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