I think I am always going to hate castings. I find them so false.

Sometimes you meet people who have such a profound impact, you don’t remember the way in which you worked before.

I feel like some of the people that I’ve met recently could be just that. I feel like everything I’ve done before is so, so wrong. Life isn’t about beauty. It is a collection of experiences that shape you.

The first model wasn’t as interesting as I thought she could initially be. She has a beautiful birthmark on her face, but she failed to capture my imagination.

The second model was beautiful. A little on the short side, but an enchanting face all the same. She is mixed race, with freckles and an afro. In some images there is a little too much tension in her mouth, but the potential is great. fa1ffbb62e1f2beb1ff79036b31c4c27

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