Client still hasn’t paid me. Is anyone in this industry capable of paying on time?!

Test shoot with Nicholas:

Nicholas was a fascinating character. He has scars that look like broken angel wings, has spent a year in hospital with 5.5 months in a coma. He was stabbed on a night out in Chelsea with a samurai sword. He also has a child called Justice who is 5 years old. Nicholas is 21.  What was great about him was his confidence in adversity, and his positivity. His openness to tell a story, and his realness in front of the camera. He has an incredible face – and is half Jamaican and half Scottish, with one side of the family being traced back to the Maroon tribe, whilst his other side of the family all the way back to William the Conquerer. I had a lot of respect for him sticking around for his son – there’s a large amount of 16 year olds who wouldn’t.



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