Sometimes you meet people, and you have absolutely no idea what they will be – I definitely didn’t see myself playing on 2p machines at Brighton Pier with Marcus 2 weeks after we shot together.

I shot Lily and Marcus on the beach – Lily in a purple thong swimsuit, and Marcus in flowery beach shorts. They were perhaps too comfortable next to one another, but hopefully the oddness of the clothing, and setting will redeem this.

I shot Alice and Lily together on the Saturday on Brighton Pier. I think Alice felt a little awkward and like she should be away studying. I think this awkwardness will work beautifully on film though. I also took a portrait of her friend Prophecy, who reminded me of a model I’ve shot before called Peyton Knight. I am feeling so refreshed at the moment, and being able to capture real people is making such a difference to me personally.

It was a great weekend though. Although, in a group of friends I always feel like the extra person, with these guys I actually feel like the extra person that is meant to be there.

The next part of shooting Marcus will be in Dungeness, shooting with his grandmother too. Each time we shoot it will be a different environment, and I guess with each environment new photos and experiences will come.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 15.47.01.png

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