9.03.2016 Pt.2

The guy I met today was great, we had a lot of connections, so I think he was a great person to meet. He discussed the idea of creating a moving image piece together, which is great as I think the collaboration would be really beneficial to me. He also said he’s moving house soon, so would like to purchase some of my images to go up on the wall. It’s quite a bizarre idea, your photo being up on someone else’s wall, as it’s something they’ll look at every single day.


I also met with a media/ branding company about producing content for a new website “allthingshair.com” – I have probably over priced myself for the job as I haven’t heard anything back yet, but they want around 1,000 images and to own the images, which is something you don’t usually provide as a photographer. So I went with 1,200 per day. It’s a very commercial job though, so not my usual cup of tea.

Networking is tiring – but now I am no longer at Boys by Girls I need to spread my wings a bit further and broaden my vision. I need to start working with some new people.


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