Back in London today. Will be at the warehouse again – although I hope there aren’t any crazy parties, not sure I can handle it!

Met with Marianthi to flesh out ideas today – I want to do a shoot with Marcus inspired by being trapped inside of an image, which is then contrasted by Marcus’ writing in addition. So something literal like a straight jacket, and then other obscurities too. The location I am seeing this in, I am unsure of yet. I just almost want to deconstruct the fashion image – the straight to the point “conceptual fashion”, trapped in a bizarre image. The thoughts of that person, everything that is happening around the image becomes either silent or trapped.

I also shot Marianthi for Demarcation – she is from Athens, Greece. She had thoughts on Brexit. It would be interesting to do a piece on Brexit nearer the vote.


Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.03.10

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