11.03.2016 Pt.3

Back in the warehouse again. Snapped a few shots of Maxine – including one of her boobs, a penis and a pair of scissors. I also took some atmosphere shots of the empty space – as I think it’s important to incorporate this too. I definitely need to be careful that I don’t gravitate towards just photographing the people in the warehouse I’m closest too – I only really have photos of Maxine, Lily, Ellie and Heather so far – I need to incorporate the other girls too. It’s harder as the rest of the girls seem to be around a little more when I am there.

Also, last thing – I received an email from a Client today requesting that I do not work with similar companies, or small course providers as it is a conflict of interests and simply unworkable for them. Apparently this is a new policy they have introduced. I couldn’t believe the email – firstly I am not even employed by them! Secondly, they sparsely offer me any work – and definitely not enough for exclusivity to them. I have also never signed a contract with them, they don’t pay enough to do so, and I am a FREELANCER, therefore it is wholly my decision who I work for! I’m waiting until I’m back home on Monday and have Mums help to respond effectively to that email, but I definitely won’t be working with them again.

I need to find a part time job at home to maintain my finances, then I can focus predominately on funding my personal projects and clearing debt. I think the warehouse project, Marcus and Demarcation could teach me a lot about myself as a photographer – and I also want to branch out and photograph the siblings project too. I’m not sure what the focus of that one will be, but I still keep coming back to the idea of sisterhood, and including Kianna in the project. A single portraits however, as I will already be a part of it, because I took the initial photograph. i still want to do an old idea for a project I had too – Underdogs, capturing people who are the underdogs. This would be a good project to do near or around the next Olympics.



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