“Can you hear me howl. I tried to scream, but my eyes are shut. Eyes wide shut.”

Shot my first ever “art nude” with a boy today. I always feel a little awkward asking someone to get nude, or partially nude, but I guess that’s something that will pass over time. I definitely need to develop my confidence a lot more, as in some stratospheres this could hold my work back.

Dungeness is incredible – almost other worldly, and like it doesn’t belong in the UK. We shot in various different locations. Marcus also had a bright idea to drive down to the beach, and his car got stuck in shingle – his Uncle Steven had tow him out. Although it was a messy situation, it was something we just couldn’t help but laugh at. The area looks like a great place to retreat too – I could imagine artists and writers living there for lengthy periods of time to recuperate. Perhaps one day I will escape in just the same way.

I also photographed Marcus with his grandmother. She is called Pamela, and is quite a strong character. She goes from telling Marcus off one minute, to doting Nan the next. It’s quite charming to watch really. Her husband has recently gone into a home with dementia. When Marcus went out to get cigarettes we spoke a little about this, in some respects it’s something I can relate too as my Grandad had Alzheimers, although us children never saw him at his worst, I suppose, as we were a little too young. But I know he had begun to forget family members names.

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