I am missing Mum’s birthday today to shoot for Vogue Italia, although I will write about it tomorrow, and this week first.

I’ve been offered a part time job in Tescos. I’m not entirely sure what the shifts are, but they have have Mon, Tues, Sat, Sun which is enough to keep me going. I couldn’t go to the induction this Friday though. I also got offered a job with DCK – which is restocking the jewellery in Burtons, Dorothy Perkins and Boots for 3 hours a week in Cirencester. I think I might take both jobs, leaving my Thursdays and Fridays free.

I’ve booked a job for Just Hype on Monday too. I have a really bad feeling Tescos are going to call me and ask me to come in then. It’s so hard when you start mixing two opposite worlds together. Everything begins to clash, and it gets ugly. Photography is my passion, yet I need money to survive. It’s a catch22.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 15.26.31.png

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