My name is Sophie-Mayanne, and I am 23 years old. Twenty-Two chronicles journal entries I have kept whilst trying to pave my way into the world of photography. The journal entries include the ups and downs of being behind the camera, and give a “behind the scenes” insight into how I work, the people I have met, and the photos I have created so far.

The blog back-tracks and begins in July 2015, the point at which I started documenting the process behind my photography. Each post is hand written in a journal (I am currently on the 3rd) & then translated into a  post here.

The reason I have chosen to share these posts, is partly because there is often very little honest information available about working as a photographer in the industry, and secondly to offer support to people who may be going through similar experiences.

To learn more about my photographic work, please visit my website.
For any photography related advice, or to chat feel free to email sophiemayanne@gmail.com

Note: All work featured on this site is my own, unless stated otherwise.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sophie. Thanks for liking the last two postings on my blog. As you might have guessed I’m writing it as a journal of my learning as I move through the final module of a MA in Photography at Derby. I’m inspired by both your photographic work and the manner in which you write your blog and, if you don’t mind, but I may use some of your blog ideas in my own.
    Cheers Steve


  2. Hi Sophie,

    Found your site as you liked one of my posts, the way your blog is laid out is really clean and nice, but more importantly your images are really strong. Good luck – I’ll follow and see how you get on!


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